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Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment

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    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment


    Introduction of 560C Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment


    560C is the latest model of Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment. It is open system. The machine has all functions of hydrotherapy, both for customer and operator.


    For customer, he just needs to lay on the machine bed and he can control machine start and stop. And he can see feces flushing away through screen in front of him.

    For operator, he just needs to operate machine through pressing touch screen.


    This machine is running totally automatically. After setting time on touch screen and press start, the operator no need to operate machine any more.

    Start and stop can be controlled by customer through side part buttons.

    Normally it is used in SPA center or wellness center.


    Working principle

    Firstly, water will be treated by filtering device, tap water will be mineralized and filtered in to micromolecule active water, which can add microelement into water that human body needs. After filtering, the mineral water will be heated into 37℃ with a heating device. Then the water will be infused into human’s colon with a attached hydrotherapy head. The water will attenuation and dissolve the waste in the colon. Meanwhile the water will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and the waste mixture will be excreted out of body. Finally this can create ecological balance in the human body. The natural and ecological feature is a new type of treatment which consists of therapy, recovery and good health.

    Product advantages:

    Lubricate intestines and defecate:

    with mineral and warm water, it will increase the lubrication of intestinal. This will stimulate the intestinal tract to wriggle and produce defecation reflex. Use this machine within fixed period, it will remit defecation problem. Use this machine consistently, it will totally ensure normal function of colon.

    Detoxify and beautify:

    Clean and cleanse colon, which can excrete fermentative materials and harmful materials in faeces. This can keep colon healthy. And the symptom such as dry skin, stain, darkness and acne on face disappear naturally.

    Lose weight and keep thin

    This machine is able to adjust the environment of digestive system and is able to adjust metabolic disorders to balance. On the other hand, cleanse of large intestine can avoid small intestine assimilate material forcedly, which have obviously effect on waist and abdomen part lose weight.

    تنقية الدم

    يمكن لهذا الجهاز تنظيف السموم في الأمعاء ويمكنه تحسين نظافة الدم المحيطي بشكل فعال. قاعدة على نظام الدورة الدموية, يمكنه إزالة السم من الدم تدريجياً. لذلك فإن العلاج له تأثير إيجابي على خفض ضغط الدم, دهون الدم, حمض الدم, جلوكوز الدم.

    تعزيز المناعة

    القضاء على السموم في جسم الإنسان وتقليل عبء العيش بشكل فعال. الاعتماد على نظام التوازن الذاتي لجسم الإنسان, يمكن أن تحقق الغرض من

    تاخير شيخوخة الجسم وعلاج خلل الجسم. أخيرًا يقوي مناعة الجسم, مقاومة الأمراض ومبادرة إصلاح الجسم.


    مواصفات المنتج:

    1.تحكم تلقائى. المريض قادر على العمل بنفسه. لا تحتاج إلى مرافقة الآخرين. تحافظ على خصوصية المريض بشكل صحيح.

    2. تعمل من خلال لوحة تعمل باللمس وهناك 2 عرض الشاشات. 1 للمريض لمشاهدة العملية و 1 للطبيب للعملية وطباعة النتيجة.

    3. يمكن التخلص من قسطرة القولون. ضمان بمجرد الاستخدام. افتح واحدة جديدة ودمرها بعد الاستخدام وجهاً لوجه.

    4. سرير العلاج المائي تم بحثه وتصميمه علميًا, التي لديها منفذ إفراز. مع هذا السرير, المريض قادر على استعادة أمعائه بحرية. السرير مريح, مريح, لا ألم, لا يتسرب, لا رائحة.

    5. عملية منخفضة الجهد. لديها 2 طبقة المياه ويتم التحكم في درجة الحرارة والضغط تلقائيًا بواسطة الكمبيوتر. هذا يمكن أن يحافظ على التشغيل الآمن.

    6. يوجد جهاز تغذية الدواء, وهو مناسب لإعطاء الدواء للقولون بعد تطهير القولون.


    1. Concept of Colon hydrotherapy

    Colon hydrotherapy is also called colon cleanse or intestinal lavage, which can thoroughly clean colon, eliminate toxins in the body, improve constipation, correct diarrhea, adjust intestinal flora imbalance, and prevent bowel cancer. And it also has the effects of beauty, skin care, weight loss, and regulation of endocrine disorders.

    Colon hydrotherapy is popular used in American and European hospital, clinic and beauty club. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is treated the hottest Physical and natural therapy for colon and body healthy.

    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment

    2. The effect and function of colon hydrotherapy

    Europe popular SPA center use Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment for body detox

    2.1 Treatment on constipation

    Constipation is the most important suitable adaptation disease by colon hydrotherapy. Medical experts believe that constipation is the root of all diseases. Studies have shown that the incidence of colorectal cancer is positively correlated with constipation. Senile plaques and obesity are also associated with constipation. Besides the long-term effects of excrement on other organs in the large intestine, constipation itself also affects the physiological function of the large intestine.

    Through a certain course of colon hydrotherapy, it can entirely soften and thoroughly remove hard bound stool in large intestine. And it also can soften and remove induration layer on the surface of the intestinal mucosa. Then it will recover intestinal mucosa secretion and promote the colonic peristalsis. Finally it will restore normal bowel function and achieve thorough treatment.


    2.2 Cancer control and prevention

    Food residues in the large intestine are fermented and corrupt to produce some carcinogens. The meat people eat is not that easy to digest, so meat will stay long time in digestive tract. If contact time between the large intestine and carcinogenic substance last too long, the chances of large intestine canceration will increase. Colon hydrotherapy will remove impurities from the large intestine, so keep colon clean can prevent cancer.


    2.3 Body detox and skin beauty

    Metabolites and some harmful substances in the blood excreted will be excreted through skin and subcutaneous capillaries and glands. During the excretion, skin surface will get damaged. This will cause skin problems such as acne and stains. Colon hydrotherapy will increase the chances that harmful substances will be excreted from the intestines. Finally it is more healthy for skin after colon hydrotherapy.


    2.4 Keeping healthy

    Some of hazardous substance in blood will be detoxified through liver, which will consume liver detoxification enzyme system. This will affect on brain, then people will feel tired. Meanwhile this also have effects on immune system and the body’s metabolism.


    3. Application range

    Europe popular SPA center use Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment for body detox

    3.1 Hospital & clinic for medical use

    A: Gastroenterology department:

    Clean colon, chronic colitis, ulcerative colitis, إمساك, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, bowel dysfunction, acute pancreatitis.

    B: General surgery department:

    Intestinal cleansing before abdominal surgery, Control of cross infection after abdominal surgery, Conservative treatment in the late stage of bowel cancer, بواسير, colitis.

    C: Traditional Chinese medicine department:

    D: Nephrology department:


    3.2 SPA center & Wellness center

    As the concept of colon hydrotherapy is quite popular in American and Europe, so there are many beauty clubs which provide colon hydrotherapy service.

    The concept of cleanse colon, remove toxin, keep healthy, keep fitting by colon hydrothearpy are well accepted by people in Europe and America.

    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment

    3.3.3 Home use

    This Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment can be used for personal at home easily.

    And in history there are many famous people like colon hydrotherapy very much.

    *Diana, the princess of England, she regularly clears her intestines.

    *Clinton, the former President of the United States, has a specialbowel roomin his home and employs three people to wash his intestines regularly.

    *Mariah Carey, one of Hollywood’s most popular stars, had previously been fattening and has been able to lose weight through a spa treatment.

    *Soong mei-ling, begin from a young age, every night before going to bed to intestinal spa defecation, decades, never stopped, and is now many people relish the healthy longevity.

    Nowadays people will buy colon hydrotherapy and use in their house, whom has constipation and colon disease.


    Introduction: The History of Colon Hydrotherapy Clean Systems


    المعالجة المائية للقولون, also known as colonics, has been used for centuries as a natural cleansing method for the digestive system. Early methods involved using enemas and medical interventions to promote bowel movements and relieve digestive discomfort.

    لكن, with advancements in medical technology, the colon hydrotherapy clean system was developed.

    This system is a modern, آمن, and efficient method of colon cleansing that uses water and gentle pressure to flush out waste and toxins from the colon.

    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment


    How Colon Hydrotherapy Clean Systems Work


    Colon hydrotherapy clean systems work by introducing filtered water into the colon through a sterile tube and nozzle.

    The water is then carefully controlled by a medical professional to create a gentle flow and pressure that dislodges and removes waste material from the colon.

    The waste material is then expelled from the body through the same tube and nozzle, ensuring a complete and thorough cleanse of the digestive system.




    The Benefits and Unique Selling Points of Colon Hydrotherapy Clean Systems


    Colon hydrotherapy clean systems offer a range of benefits for those looking to improve their digestive health and overall wellbeing. These benefits include:

    – تحسين الهضم والقضاء

    Relief from constipation and bloatingPromotes healthy immune system function

    Enhances nutrient absorption – يعزز مستويات الطاقة

    Promotes mental clarity and focus The unique selling points of colon hydrotherapy clean systems include their non-invasive and drug-free approach to improving digestive health.

    This makes it an ideal solution for those who prefer natural remedies and are looking for a safe, efficient, and convenient way to improve their digestive health.


    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment

    How to Use a Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System and Who Needs It


    1. Schedule a Consultation: Before using a colon hydrotherapy clean system, it’s important to schedule a consultation with a medical professional to discuss your health history and determine if this method is suitable for you.

    2. Prepare for the Procedure: Prior to the procedure, it’s important to avoid eating heavy meals and to drink plenty of water. You may also be required to fast for a few hours before the procedure.

    3. Procedure: أثناء الإجراء, you will lie on a table and a sterile tube and nozzle will be carefully inserted into your rectum. Filtered water will then be introduced into your colon, and you will be instructed to breathe deeply and relax as the water is controlled and expelled.

    4. Post-Procedure: After the procedure, it’s important to rest and avoid any strenuous activities for a few hours.

    You may also be advised to eat a light meal and drink plenty of water to help flush out any remaining toxins.

    Colon hydrotherapy clean systems are ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their digestive health, especially those who suffer from constipation, النفخ, or other digestive discomforts.

    It’s also a great option for anyone who prefers natural remedies and wants to avoid drugs or invasive medical procedures.

    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment How to Get Your Colon Cleaned Out

    monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments Features

    Colonic Machine

    Colon hydrotherapy machine

    Applications of Colon Hydrotherapy Clean Systems


    Colon hydrotherapy clean systems are used in a variety of applications, مشتمل:

    Health and Wellness Centers: Many health and wellness centers offer colon hydrotherapy as part of their holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

    Medical Facilities: Colon hydrotherapy clean systems are used in medical facilities to help patients with digestive disorders or as part of a pre-operative preparation regimen.

    Spa and Beauty Centers: Colon hydrotherapy is also offered in spa and beauty centers as part of a detoxification and weight loss program.

    In conclusion, colon hydrotherapy clean systems are a safe, efficient, and convenient method for improving digestive health and overall wellbeing.

    Their non-invasive and drug-free approach makes it an ideal solution for anyone who prefers natural remedies and wants to avoid drugs or invasive medical procedures.

    Colon Hydrotherapy Clean System Medical Equipment



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