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colon hydrotherapy device for sale

» Colon cleanse equipment

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    How Often Does a Colon Hydrotherapy Device Need to be Calibrated and Tested?

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    L'histoire de l'hydrothérapie du côlon

    Hydrothérapie du côlon, également connu sous le nom d'irrigation du côlon, has been used for centuries to cleanse the colon and promote overall health. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that a clean colon was necessary for good health, and enemas were commonly used for this purpose. In the 19th century, John Harvey Kellogg developed the first modern colon hydrotherapy device, which he used in conjunction with his dietary and exercise program.

    How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?

    A colon hydrotherapy device uses water to flush toxins and waste products from the colon. During the treatment, the patient lies on a table while a small tube is inserted into the rectum. Water is then slowly introduced into the colon, and waste products are eliminated through a separate tube. The process usually takes between 30 et 60 minutes.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    What is a Colon Cleanse?

    A colon cleanse is a process of removing toxins and waste from your digestive system. It is believed that it can improve your health and help you lose weight.

    How is a Colonic Done?

    A colonic is a procedure where water is inserted into your rectum to flush out waste and toxins from your colon. It is performed by a trained professional and usually takes about an hour.

    What is Good to Clean Out Your Digestive System?

    Eating a high-fiber diet rich in fruits, légumes, and whole grains is a great way to clean out your digestive system. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps as well.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    How to Empty Bowels?

    Eating a diet high in fiber and drinking plenty of water can help promote regular bowel movements. En outre, exercising regularly and reducing stress can also help.

    What is the Best Colon Cleanser?

    There are many different types of colon cleansers on the market, including supplements, teas, and even colon hydrotherapy machines. It is best to research and consult with a healthcare professional before deciding on a specific colon cleanser.

    How Much Weight Can You Lose Doing Colon Hydrotherapy?

    The amount of weight loss during a colon hydrotherapy session varies from person to person. While some people may experience a slight drop in weight, it is not a reliable method for long-term weight loss.

    How Often Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

    It is recommended to get a colonic or other type of colon cleanse once every 6-12 months. Cependant, this may vary based on individual health needs and circumstances.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    How to Give Yourself a Colonic?

    It is not recommended to give yourself a colonic at home. These procedures should only be done by a trained professional in a sterile and safe environment.

    How to Clean Your Insides?

    Eating a healthy, high-fiber diet and staying hydrated is the best way to keep your digestive system clean and healthy. En outre, regular exercise and reducing stress can also help.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale


    The Advantages of Colon Hydrotherapy

    1. Promotes Colon Health

    2. Enhances Digestion

    3. Soulage la constipation

    4. Renforce le système immunitaire

    5. Increases Energy Levels

    6. Improves Mental Clarity

    The Calibration and Testing Process

    It is important to calibrate and test a colon hydrotherapy device on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly and providing safe, effective treatments. The frequency of calibration and testing will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations and usage levels. In general, it is recommended that a device be calibrated and tested at least once a year. The calibration process involves adjusting the device’s settings to ensure that it is accurate and providing the desired results. The testing process involves checking the device’s components and systems to ensure that they are functioning properly.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    Qui a besoin d'hydrothérapie du côlon?

    Colon hydrotherapy may benefit individuals who suffer from digestive issues, such as constipation, ballonnement, ou gaz. It may also be beneficial for those with autoimmune disorders, skin problems, or chronic fatigue. Cependant, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment.

    Applications in the Healthcare Industry

    Colon hydrotherapy devices are used in a variety of settings, including wellness centers, les thermes, and doctor’s offices. They are also commonly used by naturopathic doctors and alternative healthcare practitioners.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    What are colonics?

    • Colonics, également connu sous le nom d'hydrothérapie du côlon, is a procedure where warm water is used to flush out waste and toxins from the colon.

    Why is it important to clean the GI tract?

    • Cleaning the GI tract can help improve digestive health and prevent various conditions such as constipation, ballonnement, and even colon cancer.

    How can I clean my colon in one day?

    • You can perform a one-day cleanse using natural remedies such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice. Cependant, it is recommended to consult with a professional before attempting this.

    How can I perform a DIY colonic irrigation shower?

    • You should not attempt to perform a DIY colonic irrigation shower as it can be dangerous and ineffective.

    How can I naturally flush my colon?

    • You can flush your colon naturally by increasing your water intake, consuming fiber-rich foods, and getting regular exercise.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    How can I perform a colon cleanse?

    • There are various ways to perform a colon cleanse, including enemas, suppléments à base de plantes, and professional colon hydrotherapy sessions.

    How can I keep my colon clean?

    • You can keep your colon clean by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding harmful substances such as tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption.

    How can I clean my colon fast?

    • It is not recommended to attempt to clean your colon fast as it can harm your digestive system. It is better to adopt healthy habits for long-term colon health.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    Become a Distributor or Wholesaler

    We are a professional colon hydrotherapy machine supplier, grossiste en machine colique, et fabricant d'équipements d'hydrothérapie du côlon. Si vous souhaitez devenir distributeur ou grossiste local, veuillez nous contacter par e-mail, Whatsapp, ou laissez nous un message.

    colon hydrotherapy device for sale

    Colonics and colon cleansing can be beneficial for your digestive health. Cependant, it is important to consult with a professional before attempting any of these procedures. If you’re interested in a professional-grade colon hydrotherapy machine, contact us today at lucy@colonhydrotherapymachine.org or WhatsApp us at +86135.1090.74.01.

    Fournisseurs d'équipements d'hydrothérapie du côlon expédiant au Royaume-Uni Fournisseurs d'équipements d'hydrothérapie du côlon expédiant au Royaume-Uni Fournisseurs d'équipements d'hydrothérapie du côlon expédiant au Royaume-Uni Fournisseurs d'équipements d'hydrothérapie du côlon expédiant au Royaume-Uni

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    Installation access requirementsFor installation access requirements, please contact us.Plumbing and electrical:

    2″ sanitary drain connection

    Located on the wall 13" below the floor, depending on the location relative to the treatment table waste outlet. The lateral piping from the table to the wall connection must maintain a downward drainage slope of 1/4" per 12".

    2" (5.1cm) Sanitary Sewer Connection

    Rigid piping with dedicated P-trap configuration.

    Hot and cold potable water shut-off valves

    If colon hydrotherapy equipment is used to deliver treatment water, each water connection can be branched with a T-connection to supply the treatment table and colon hydrotherapy equipment. A 3/8" compression fitting is required.

    Odour venting

    The ventilation system integrated into the table needs to be ventilated to the outside.

    2″ PVC ducting or 2″ central vacuum ducting or 2″ central vacuum FlexTubing.

    Ground fault protected power outlet: 110-240VAC. 50-60 Hz, 2.7 amps


    the install video please go to:



    the user video teaching:



    Do You Know How to Use The maikong monkon Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

    Colon Hydrotherapy Training

    Colon Hydrotherapy Training for Healthcare Professionals.
    This 2-day course is offered by the International Colon Therapist Training Institute and provides training in the safe and effective use of colon hydrotherapy with a monkon device. For more information, visit the monkon Hydrotherapy website:


    Let us come to you!
    On-site colon hydrotherapy certification for clinics and hospitals.
    This is for medical facilities that need hands-on colon hydrotherapy training for a group of practitioners. One of maikong monkon Health Innovation's expert clinical instructors will travel to your clinic or hospital and conduct the training at your site.

    For more information, please contact us at lucy@monkong.net.

    Colonoscopy preparation training for nurses.
    Colon Hydrotherapy ) is a provider of continuing education for nurses on HydroPREP colon irrigation in preparation for colonoscopy. monkon 560 is used in the training program and the use of maikong monkon Colon Hydrotherapy devices in the clinical setting is recommended.

    Registered nurses learn the expert technique and standards of care for administering the HydroPrep method of colon irrigation preparation, including navigation, patient assessment, hospital-proven technique, and post-procedure patient care. Methodology and nursing practice provide a systematic approach to improving outcomes.

    Teaching methods include online training modules with posttest, videos, demonstrations, and patient scenarios. The monkon fundamentals of service are integrated into the monkon program to ensure excellent clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. The Hydro Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the course evaluation.

    For more information, visit ww.colonhydrotherapyequipmentsuppliers.com.



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