Jeden z popredných dodávateľov zariadení na hydroterapiu hrubého čreva a strojov na liečbu hrubého čreva,kolonický strojček,výrobca, zásoby, školenia, a podporu.
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Installation access requirementsFor installation access requirements, please contact us.Plumbing and electrical:

2″ sanitary drain connection

Located on the wall 13below the floor, depending on the location relative to the treatment table waste outlet. The lateral piping from the table to the wall connection must maintain a downward drainage slope of 1/4per 12″.

2″ (5.1cm) Sanitary Sewer Connection

Rigid piping with dedicated P-trap configuration.

Hot and cold potable water shut-off valves

If colon hydrotherapy equipment is used to deliver treatment water, each water connection can be branched with a T-connection to supply the treatment table and colon hydrotherapy equipment. A 3/8compression fitting is required.

Odour venting

The ventilation system integrated into the table needs to be ventilated to the outside.

2″ PVC ducting or 2″ central vacuum ducting or 2″ central vacuum FlexTubing.

Ground fault protected power outlet: 110-240VAC. 50-60 Hz, 2.7 amps


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