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monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments Features

» monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments Features

monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments Features

Open basin configuration

When in the open basin configuration, the ergonomic wedge pad and corrugated leg supports position the patient comfortably over the open basin. Throughout the treatment, the patient is able to naturally release waste that has fallen into the basin and quickly drain into the treatment facility’s sanitation system.

Support pads

The large wedge-shaped cushion provides comfortable back support for patients in a semi-inclined position, while the smaller support cushion provides additional comfort during closed treatment.

Leg support

Places the patient comfortably on the basin to allow easy insertion of the rectal tip and release of waste directly into the recessed basin.

Clear view cover

Allows the practitioner to view the inside of the basin during treatment.

Threaded circulation portal

Easily positions the rectal tip and waterline from the treatment source.

Illuminated viewing tube

Easy viewing of waste through wall mounted mirror.

Covered basin configuration

Excellent level of hygiene.
In the covered basin configuration for closed treatment, the patient reclines on a comfortable and hygienic vinyl mat. The waste basin is partially covered, but if leaks occur during and after treatment, a suitable opening is placed to collect and rinse the waste.

Easy to use controls
Water spraying, rinsing and table lighting are all at your fingertips, along with a retractable nozzle for easy table hygiene.

Save water

monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments have integrated features designed to minimise water consumption while maintaining optimum treatment functionality.

Hygiene and sanitation

Designed to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and prevent cross contamination, monkon colon hydrotherapy equipments have unrivalled features such as

Seamless table top design allows for complete and effective hygienic flushing in the open or closed position.
Flow-through ports for treatment water delivery. Treatment water is delivered via a disposable rectal tip and hose that never touches any part of the treatment table.
All controls, including the switch, are waterproof for effective flushing.
Continuous basin design for uninterrupted waste drainage. (no shower drain adapter)

Active ventilation fan

Effectively removes odours during any style of treatment and creates a pleasant treatment room environment.