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Colon Hydrotherapy Training

Colon Hydrotherapy Training for Healthcare Professionals.
This 2-day course is offered by the International Colon Therapist Training Institute and provides training in the safe and effective use of colon hydrotherapy with a monkon device. For more information, visit the monkon Hydrotherapy website:

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On-site colon hydrotherapy certification for clinics and hospitals.
This is for medical facilities that need hands-on colon hydrotherapy training for a group of practitioners. One of maikong monkon Health Innovation’s expert clinical instructors will travel to your clinic or hospital and conduct the training at your site.

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Colonoscopy preparation training for nurses.
Colon Hydrotherapy ) is a provider of continuing education for nurses on HydroPREP colon irrigation in preparation for colonoscopy. monkon 560 is used in the training program and the use of maikong monkon Colon Hydrotherapy devices in the clinical setting is recommended.

Registered nurses learn the expert technique and standards of care for administering the HydroPrep method of colon irrigation preparation, including navigation, patient assessment, hospital-proven technique, and post-procedure patient care. Methodology and nursing practice provide a systematic approach to improving outcomes.

Teaching methods include online training modules with posttest, videos, demonstrations, and patient scenarios. The monkon fundamentals of service are integrated into the monkon program to ensure excellent clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. The Hydro Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the course evaluation.

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