Uno de los principales proveedores de equipos de hidroterapia de colon y máquinas de terapia de colon.,máquina colónica,fabricante, suministros, capacitación, y apoyo.
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Suministros de tratamiento

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Suministros de tratamiento

Suministros de tratamiento

  • Embrace the Future of Home Wellness Discover the cutting-edge world of home colon hydrotherapy with MAIKONG’s Personal Home Colonics Machine. This comprehensive guide takes you through every aspect of this revolutionary product, making wellness accessible right from the comfort of your home. Why Choose MAIKONG’s Home Colonics Machine? MAIKONG is dedicated to enhancing your health with top-tier colon hydrotherapy machines. …

  • Máquina colónica

        Introduction of 560c Colonic Machine Item Name Data Power / Voltage 220V±22V Frequency 50Hz±1 Hz Running Environment / Environment Temperature 10℃~ 40℃ Relative Humidity 30%~75% Barometric Pressure 860hPa~1060hPa Continuous Running Time 8 hours Total power ≤1600w Liquid Flow ≥2L/min Water Temperature Range 10~40℃±2℃ Time Range 0-any data(S) Filtered Water Accuracy 1um Machine Noise ≤65db Consumables Disposable Catheter

  • Máquina de punto y coma

    Dónde usar una máquina de punto y coma ¿Qué es la limpieza de colon?? limpieza de colon, también conocida como hidroterapia de colon, es un procedimiento que tiene como objetivo eliminar los desechos viejos y las toxinas del colon mediante terapias a base de agua. Cómo eliminar los desechos viejos del colon? La hidroterapia de colon es la forma más efectiva de eliminar los desechos viejos y las toxinas del colon.. implica …

  • 1/4″ Water Line

    1/4″ Water Line Open colon hydrotherapy treatments require a water line to deliver treated water from the colon hydrotherapy device. The product is 4 feet long.  

  • Flex Tube

    Silicon FlexTube positions the rectal tip for open colon hydrotherapy treatments and is essential for open treatments using the monkon open-top basin treatment table. Quantity is 50.

  • Puntas rectales

      Rectal Tips Curved rectal tips are required for open style colon hydrotherapy treatments. Narrow and easy to position rectal tips are sold in quantities of 50.  

  • Pro-Fit (standard) speculum kit

    Pro-Fit (standard) speculum kit Pro-Fit Disposable Speculum Kit with Regular Waste Hose Reliable, consistent quality, hypoallergenic speculums in a kit. All three speculum types have the following features: Easy-to-handle tabs Graduated taper (wastewater hose securely mounted) Speculae tested for biocompatibility and toxicity Made of DEHP and BPA free materials Sterilized to international medical standards prior to packaging Speculae sold separately