Um dos principais fornecedores de equipamentos de hidroterapia de cólon e máquinas de terapia de cólon,máquina de cólon,fabricante, suprimentos, treinamento, e suporte.
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Our colon hydrotherapy equipment is sold all over the world.
International distributors are carefully selected for their ability to provide ongoing support and service to customers in their home countries.

Each of our distributors has extensive knowledge of Monkon colon hydrotherapy equipment both technically and clinically. They are always happy to provide information to potential clients and guidance to existing clients. As an international company, we choose our distributors carefully because of their experience and ability to provide support close to home. If you cannot find a distributor in your country, please contact us directly to discuss selling direct to you.

Our distributors are all first-class colon hydrotherapy equipment suppliers with good colon hydrotherapy clinical experience in their respective countries.


We are Colonic Cleanse Machine Manufacturer,If You Have Any Questions,Please Contact US

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